Photoshoot in Las Vegas

This summer we took ”The Roadtrip”. The famous Route 66. Or so it was planned. 

Me and my friend flew to Chicago, rented a Ford Mustang Cabriolet (or similar, as they always say in the rental contract to keep the uncertainty present - this time it really was a Mustang Cabriolet) and headed west.

The journey started with a slight delay, since my luggage went missing on the transfer in Iceland. We got the luggage the next day and started driving on the Route 66.

In Tulsa we decided to take a detour and headed to Dallas. We drove from Dallas to El Paso, visited the White Sands and continued to Phoenix. From Phoenix we drove to Flagstaff, visited the Grand Canyon and continued to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas I had contacted a couple of friends of mine and we arranged a photoshoot. 

Earlier on the photoshoot day we drove around outside of Las Vegas searching for a nice looking location for the photos. We had scheduled the shoot around sunset because of the light. After scouting the place we geared up at a local photography store and picked up Jonna, our model for the photoshoot. 

Here’s some behind the scenes photos taken by my friend who also assisted on the photoshoot. He prefers to remain non-credited. The mystery man. :) Nevertheless, he did a great job on the set. Thank you.

And here’s some of the photos we took that day.

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